Air Filters
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Panel Air:

Introduced in modern fuel injected engines, these filters are remote mounted for optimal space utilization within the engine compartment. This allows for the use of varying sizes and shapes.  Through GUD’s high-speed CNC polyurethane dispensing capability, we are able to manufacture filters in a variety of complex shapes, such as trapezoidal, steps, and with plastic inserts. Single or multi-layer, cured and epoxy-coated media is used, and feature a felt or foam pre-filter capability. GUD also manufactures plastic panel air filters with an ABS moulded frame with media insert, rubber seal, and oil wetting capabilities.




LCV Air:

For engine air induction systems, these filters used on light commercial vehicles are made with single-layer Paper media, in cure and epoxy grades. Metal, polyurethane and plastic end caps are used with a roll type pleating with space fix.


Heavy Duty Air:


GUD’s air filter range for heavy duty application incorporates both primary and safety elements, featuring perforated and expanded mesh inner and outer sleeves. Single layer cellulose or felt media is used, with roll type pleating and space fix. Plastic fins for cyclonic prefilters and steel components are all manufactured in-house.




GUD's superior air filters ensure more dust is trapped, providing great engine protection.

Plastic Injection Moulded:

Plastic Injection Moulded filters are made with polypropylene injection-moulded frames, and felt media moulded in place. For these filter models, GUD uses either knife type pleating, or conical hot press pleating.