Fuel Filters

GUD fuel filters ensure high efficiency filtration, providing clean filtered fuel for great engine protection.


GUD manufactures single cartridge spin-on fuel filters in varying diameters and heights. These filters use single-layer, multi-layer, or felt media, and are powder-coated, providing maximum corrosion protection for the filter. 



Metal Cartridge

GUD produces these filters which are used primarily on LCV and HCV applications. Metal cartridge filters are manufactured using single and multi-layer media.


Plastic In-line (Nylon Petrol)

Used in carburettor engines, GUD uses bonded plastic housings manufactured in-house for the plastic in-line filter range. All filters go through online 100% leak testing.


Fuel Injection

Featuring high efficiency media, these filters are used on petrol fuel injection engines to aid in the finer filtration required for the tight tolerances on modern engines. GUD manufactured fuel injection filters are either seamed or welded aluminium housings, which are extruded and machined in-house. All plastic and metal components are also manufactured in-house.





Multiport Diesel

New generation diesel filters on the modern common rail fuel systems on diesel engines, multiport diesel filters are designed to protect the high pressure components in modern diesel engines. Manufactured in our dedicated clean facility, GUD multiport diesel filters will reach you in an unsurpassed state of cleanliness, ensuring maximum protection for your engine. Filter diameters range from 76-93mm, and heights from 50-200mm.


Metal Free

Metal free filters are eco-friendly filters used mainly on European vehicles. Designed for the modern engine, these filters require that only the media needs replacing. The end caps and centre tubes are made in-house, with felt seals ultrasonically welded to the end caps, or rubber radial seals and retainers. After use, the residual oil can be removed by pressing and the filter can then be incinerated and disposed of, leaving no residue.


Wrap Filters

Wrap media fuel filters have distinctly different looking media assemblies to the conventional star-shaped media paper.  Wrap filter media is wrapped around a central core much like paper layers around a tube.  This technology produces filters with significantly more surface area, allowing for better filtration of impurities such as dirt particles and moisture from the fuel. This results in improved fuel economy and engine performance.