Fitment Techniques: Pollen Filters

How to Fit a Pollen Filter

Pollen filters are situated in different places depending on the vehicle. Some are fitted behind the glove compartment, some beneath the dashboard, while others are mounted on the firewall within the engine bay. Some European vehicles are fitted with two pollen filters, which are normally located on the firewall on both the passenger, and driver’s side.

Pollen filters for many Toyota’s, such as the Corolla and the Yaris, are fitted behind the glove compartment:

1.       Open the glove compartment.

2.       Release the glove compartment by pressing inwards on the plastic clips on either side.

3.       Remove the glove compartment.

4.       Slide open the clip on the pollen filter housing.

5.       Remove the old pollen filter.

6.       Insert the new pollen filter.

7.       Close the housing and fasten the clip.

8.       Slot the glove compartment back in place.

9.       Close the glove compartment.